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10 Courses for Personal Development

10 Courses for Personal Development

10 Courses for Personal Development – Are you looking to become a better person?

You’ve probably heard that it takes 10,000 hours to master something, but in reality, it takes more than that to become truly proficient at something. To get there, you need to be willing to invest time and energy into learning new skills and building new habits – and the right courses can help you do just that. Whether you’re looking to improve your social skills or hone your critical thinking skills, here are 10 courses I’ve found to be incredibly useful in my own personal development journey – with plenty of resources you can use afterwards to learn even more!

CBT courses

CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy, is an approach that helps people cope with their problems. Instead of encouraging patients to explore and dwell on their feelings or emotions, it teaches them how to deal with them in practical ways. Here’s an example: Let’s say you have anxiety about public speaking. In CBT courses, your therapist will teach you coping strategies like learning relaxation techniques and practicing in low-pressure situations. It will also teach you strategies for dealing with challenges as they arise so that by the time it comes time for your big speech, your feelings of dread and panic won’t control your reactions. Ultimately, it aims to help patients achieve something called cognitive restructuring — or changing how they think — which changes how they feel.

Neuro-linguistic programming courses

NLP is a personal development technique designed to help people improve their communication skills and self-awareness. Developed in California in 1970, NLP is based on modeling human behavior as an interaction between different states of mind. By learning and using NLP techniques, people can learn how to control their own thoughts and behaviors. Training workshops are available at locations all over the world. Online courses and interactive video courses are also widely available. There’s even an app called MindMirror that teaches users how to break bad habits with NLP. It’s essentially like Jedi mind tricks—for real life!

Positive psychology courses

Want to learn how to manage your emotions and build resilience in yourself and others? Positive psychology is all about finding what makes people happy and using those lessons in life. And it turns out that, in many cases, we need a little help figuring out how exactly to go about our lives. That’s where positive psychology courses come into play. Some of these courses are geared toward finding happiness, some toward improving your relationships with others, but all have something unique to offer. With every course, we provide some insight into what topics are covered and what skills you’ll walk away with at completion. We also provide links if you want more information or want to enroll in a course yourself. Here are 10 great courses that can help any adult improve their personal development

Resilience courses

Resilience is one of those terms we’ve all heard, but what does it mean? Resilience has been defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness (Merriam-Webster), but in practice, it’s more complex than that. It’s not something that just happens—it requires concerted effort. These courses will help

Confidence courses

If becoming more confident is your goal, there are many courses and books that can help. One of my favorites comes from Dr. Abraham Maslow, whose idea of peak experiences (from his 1954 book Motivation and Personality) is in part about finding positive and fulfilling ways to be successful. To do so, he suggests identifying what’s important to you—whether it’s living on a remote island or meeting someone special—and finding ways to turn your aspirations into reality. The process helps eliminate obstacles like laziness, doubt and fear that may keep people from accomplishing their goals. To learn more about peak experiences, check out Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by Anders Ericsson.

Business courses

The business courses above are focused on improving how you approach doing business, how you run your company and how you understand what it takes to make things happen. They’re designed to help people grow their skills and learn more about running a successful enterprise. If that sounds like something that would be valuable in your life, check out these courses. At $50 per course (less if you purchase more than one), they represent an excellent investment in your future business career. These courses don’t come with college credits or certifications; however, there’s no limit on how much information and knowledge you can gain from them—especially if they resonate with something that’s important to you professionally and personally.

Creative thinking courses

Learn how to think outside of your box and think creatively. Creativity is vital in both personal and professional life, as it helps us to solve problems, come up with new ideas, and increase our general knowledge. Creative thinking is at its best when combined with other cognitive processes (i.e., reasoning), but that’s not all—in fact, creative thinking has been proven to improve memory and problem-solving skills in people of all ages! Check out these 10 courses for creative thinking to get started today.

Kindness and compassion courses

Learning how to be kind and compassionate is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. While kindness and compassion may seem easy on paper, they are hard skills to master; your behavior must change before your thoughts can. That’s why courses that teach kindness and compassion, such as Loving-Kindness Meditation, are so popular. They provide direct training in these valuable life skills, giving people an opportunity to learn how to be kind and compassionate—in theory and in practice.

Sales and negotiation skills courses

Developing some basic sales and negotiation skills could help you get ahead at work, ensure your team is productive, make sure no one can take advantage of you and improve your overall quality of life. Hone your skills in areas such as creating a pitch, listening effectively and knowing when—and how—to ask questions. Even if working on improving these aspects of yourself sounds like unnecessary work, remember that it’s what will ultimately make your professional relationships healthier—and that’s important too. You may also want to think about taking courses in leadership or interpersonal communication skills; many companies offer programs tailored specifically toward their employees’ needs. Some even require certain classes as part of their training or orientation program!

Persuasion, influence, public speaking and copywriting skills courses

We live in an increasingly digital world, but nothing will ever take away from good old fashioned face-to-face communication. When was the last time you heard someone say they’d rather read something than hear it? Same goes with speeches; almost nobody would prefer listening to reading a speech. And that’s because every great speech is written and not just said. Even if your goal isn’t to become a professional speaker or writer, we all have things we want to say and ideas we want people listen to us about, so why wouldn’t we try our best at doing those well? It doesn’t matter whether it’s public speaking or writing an effective email.

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