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Using Podcasts in Courses

Using Podcasts in Courses

Introduction: What are podcasts?

Podcasts are episodic audio files that can be streamed or downloaded from the Internet. They are often produced by radio broadcasters and journalists, and are made available for free on websites such as Apple’s iTunes Store. Podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from news and current affairs to sports and entertainment. Some popular podcasts include “Serial” and “This American Life”.

How can podcasts be used in courses?

Podcasting can be used in a variety of ways in courses. Instructors can create their own podcasts, or use pre-existing podcasts, to supplement course content. For example, a history instructor could create a podcast on the American Revolution that includes primary source documents and interviews with experts in the field. Alternatively, an instructor could assign students to listen to a pre-existing podcast on a topic covered in class and then complete a worksheet or assignment related to the podcast. Podcasts can also be used as a way to assess student learning. For example, an instructor could ask students to listen to a podcast episode and then answer questions about it on a quiz or test.

Advantages of using podcasts in courses

1. Podcasts can be a great way to enhance a course, whether it is an online or traditional course.

2. Podcasts can provide students with additional information on the topics covered in the course, as well as help them review for quizzes and exams.

3. In addition, podcasts can help instructors keep their students engaged in the course material and provide a way for students to ask questions about the material.

Limitations of using podcasts in courses

While podcasts can be a valuable addition to a course, they have several limitations. First, podcasting Requires an internet connection, which may not be available in all locations. Second, most students do not listen to podcasts regularly, so they may not be familiar with the format or how to access them. Third, many instructors are not familiar with podcasting and may not feel comfortable using them in their courses. Finally, it can be difficult to find quality podcasts on specific topics.


In conclusion, podcasts can be a valuable tool in courses. They can help students learn in a variety of ways, including through audio, visuals, and by providing supplemental information. Instructors can also use them to supplement lectures or provide additional content. Podcasts can be easily integrated into courses, and students can access them on their own time. Instructors should consider using podcasts in their courses to supplement learning.

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