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What Happens After TEQSA Higher Education Registration? The Ongoing Requirements for Universities

Obtaining Higher Education Registration with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) is a significant achievement for any university in Australia. However, achieving Higher Education Registration is just the beginning. Universities must also meet ongoing requirements in order to maintain their registration status.

One of the key ongoing requirements for universities with Higher Education Registration is the need to continuously demonstrate compliance with the Higher Education Standards Framework and the Criteria for the Accreditation of Higher Education Courses of Study. This may involve regular reporting and assessments to ensure that the university is meeting these standards and expectations.

In addition, universities with Higher Education Registration are required to notify TEQSA of any significant changes that may impact their registration status. This can include changes to the university's governing body, staff, facilities, or programs.

It is also important for universities with Higher Education Registration to have effective quality assurance systems in place to ensure the ongoing improvement and development of their higher education programs. This may involve regular reviews and assessments of the university's programs and policies.

Overall, maintaining Higher Education Registration with TEQSA requires ongoing effort and commitment from universities to meet the standards and expectations set by the agency. By meeting these ongoing requirements, universities can demonstrate their commitment to quality and excellence in higher education.

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